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 The Church was accepted as completed according to contract September 14th, 1815. It was not finished as it was intended eventually to be but so that public worship could be held in it. Neither pews, slips nor pulpit were provided, but the people went up with joy to the courts of the Lord, to worship Him in His own house. After a number of years a steeple was built upon the east end of the meeting house, a bell procured In 1837, the pews or slips were constructed, and a lofty pulpit placed for the elevation of the minister. Thus they intended to have their pastors settled over the people. Many years after, one of the pastors expressed the earnest wish to have the pulpit brought down from its great altitude, that he might be among his people as one of them, saying when his Master wished him to come up to heaven he hoped he should be ready, but while he was upon earth he did not wish to be placed somewhere between earth and heaven. The pulpit was brought down as he wished, and yet it was too high for some of his successors, and it has been brought down several feet lower, and now it has only the elevation of the modern pulpit. A number of years since, the people feeling the need of a lecture room or vestry, moved the meeting house about fifty feet on the hillside, and constructed a very commodious vestry under it, where the evening meetings and other religious and social gatherings are accommodated. Thus the same meeting house has been occupied during the entire history of the church, except for a short time when worship was held in the Center school house.

In the 1980's, the Fellowship Hall and added School/Offices/Nursery in a large addition on the Church.  This addition is used for many function in the church.  Also, in the 2010's, the older Chapel building was used to accommodate the Thrifty Shoppe to help people with clothes and items at low cost.  A few years later, the lower vestry of the Church was converted to house even more clothes as the need was great in the community.

Today, the Church still has Worship Service on Sunday's at 9:30AM with Adult Bible Study following.  Tuesday Nights we have our Rooted Bible Study at 7PM in the Fellowship Hall. On the Fourth Saturday of the month we have our dinner and a movie in our Fellowship Hall at 6PM. We supply the community with Clothes from the Thrifty Shoppe and Food from our Food Pantry.  We provide a Christmas Ministry to help low income families to help their needs for gifts for their children. We also have additional events during the year.  These also include Easter Son-rise Service, Christmas Eve Service and many other services during the course of the year.

Our Pastor


Pastor Roger Bolduk was born in 1965.  He grew up in Chaplin CT and was brought up in the Christian faith at Chaplin Congregational Church. 

At 29 years of age, Pastor Roger accepted in the fullness of the Holy Spirit, Jesus into his life.  He then went through multiple ministry programs at the Church of God and is a student of Antioch School of Church Planting where he is getting his bachelor’s degree.

During his years at the Church of God, he was the Minister of Music as well as a Lay-minister for many years.  After careful consideration and prayer, Pastor Roger and his wife Kim, decided to come back to Chaplin Church and help build the church up.  During that time of change, he put in for being the pastor of the Chaplin Church.  On December 2nd of 2007, Pastor Roger gave his first sermon as Pastor.

Pastor Roger is also the Co-Founder and Chairperson of the Council for Christian Arts, LLC.  He has been on the Board of Directors for Caring Families as well as providing oversite for the WCMA VBS.  He continues to work for the Corporate Chaplaincy Services and is the Vice President of the Willimantic Camp-Meeting Association.

Roger is the Director of the Eastern CT Veterans Community Center and works to help Veterans in the area with getting VA services, clothes, food and more.

He has over the years tried to help as many people as possible with needs within and outside the church.


Jeremiah 3:15 - And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

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